Grexono Project

The Grexono project is about sound generation with data coming from simulations of either boid or molecular systems, in a playful and serendipitous spirit.

Art and Science

The project embraces the scientific and artistic ways of inquiry with a serendipity mindset, where the search for interesting sounds might well lead to the unexpected discovery of something else.

The Max/MSP External

The Max/MSP external object is a tiny coarse-grained molecular dynamics (MD) simulator written in C. The MD data is dispatched via buffers or outlets.

Molecular Dynamics Method

The object runs MD simulations of liquified noble gases in the NVE ensemble. The data used for sonifications come from a simulation of liquid argon initially at 120 K. A cubic lattice of 125 atoms is used, along with periodic boundary conditions. Interaction computations are carried out with a soft Lennard-Jones potential, and the equations of motion are integrated with a two-step leapfrog method.

FM Synthesis Patch

A simple FM synthesis patch was built using pressure and  kinetic-energy variations of the atomic system as carriers and classic waveforms as modulators.
FM synthesis patch in presentation mode. A few raw sounds generated with this approach can be found in the project’s account on SoundCloud.

Max for Live Device

The FM patch mentioned above can also be used as a Max for Live device.